Our oil

All our oils have the same variety, the Cornicabra. This type of olive is the second Spanish variety in terms of cultivated area. It is easy to find in the provinces of Toledo, Ciudad Real and Madrid. Its name refers to the curved shape of the fruit, reminiscent of a goat’s horn. Its oil is very aromatic, with many fruits among which apple stands out. In the mouth, herbaceous notes of olive leaf can be appreciated with a slight bitter taste. Cornicabra EVOO harmonizes perfectly with roasts in general (turkey, lamb, among others) and also with white fish. It is also very suitable for frying, sautéing and using raw.


The first thing to take into account in an olive oil is its commercial category: 

-Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO): 100% pure olive juice. They are oils obtained at their optimum harvesting stage. They are derived from monounsaturated fatty acids, provide natural antioxidants, such as olive oil polyphenols and vitamin E, which have proven their ability to reduce cholesterol, one of the main factors in cardiovascular diseases. 

-Virgin olive oil: 100% pure olive juice, recommended for the same uses as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. However, they do not reach the same level of excellence as EVOO. They share their antioxidant capacity and their richness in unsaturated fatty acids. 

-Organic extra virgin olive oil: Oil obtained from organically grown olives by mechanical or other physical processes, especially thermal processes, which do not alter the oil and which have not undergone any treatment other than washing, decanting, centrifuging and filtration.

We also have: 

-Special cooking olive oil: oil containing exclusively oils from the processing of olive pomace and oils obtained directly from olives. 

-Extra virgin olive oil jam (EVOO): Extra virgin olive oil jam will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of olive oil with a unique texture. 

50% extra virgin olive oil (Cornicabra, Picual, Arbequina), water, 25% sugar, santana gum. 

For toasts, sweet or savory. It can also be served with cheese, sweet desserts, yogurt and fruit. Can also be used for salads, dressings, vinaigrettes, fish and meat.

-Caviar (Pearls) extra virgin olive oil: Our olive oil caviar is made of uniform seamless spheres of 5 to 8 mm. They are made of a sodium alginate membrane (extracted from seaweed) and are filled with extra virgin olive oil.

This product increases the nutritional value of the food to which it is added. They are thermostable and can withstand temperatures of up to 100 degrees.

The stability and mechanical resistance of olive oil caviar allow it to be mixed with food without damaging the membrane.

High level of oleic acid replaces saturated fats and helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels. Polyphenols also contribute to the protection of blood lipids against oxidative damage.

Mini-doses for catering, foodservice and HORECA: We have our own mini-doses packaging machine for small bottles of 15/20/30 ml and tubs of 10/15/20 ml.

The mini-doses can be of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)