How we make our oil

Campaign & transportation

The campaign is carried out between the months of November and January, when the olives reach their optimum degree of ripeness to extract the oil. At this time, the olives are carefully harvested by our farmers and transported to our oil mill in Olias del Rey, Toledo.


The olives are washed, weighed and taken to the mill where the oil extraction process begins immediately.

Pressing, churning and centrifuging processes

During the process the olives are crushed until a pulp is obtained, which is then transferred to the blenders. The blenders mix the pulp with a paddle system to extract the olive oil molecule. The pulp is then subjected to centrifugation to separate the oil from the remains of the pulp, skin and water from the olive itself, forming alperujo (olive pomace).


At this point, the oil must pass a chemical test and a sensory analysis to determine its quality.

Labeling and packaging

Once the oil has been labeled and packed in boxes, it is ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.