About us


  • We are a traditional company that seeks excellence through honest work, trust, commitment and loyalty on our part and that of our suppliers, to offer an outstanding product to our business partners and always looking for the empathy of our end consumer.

  • To be able to share an oil of excellent quality with the world, so that they can benefit from it and that it can be within everyone’s reach.

  • To use our national knowledge and experience to create a brand at an international level, assuming the highest standards of customer-oriented quality.


Our EVOO has a traditional and sophisticated appearance in keeping with the intensity of the Cornicabra variety. The oil is cold extracted at the optimum time of harvesting from these characteristic olives (so called because of their goat’s horn shape), giving our EVOO that incomparable flavour and potency that cannot be missing as an essential ingredient in any perfect Mediterranean diet.


The hallmark of ACEITES JEREZ, and for the last decade, has been our commitment to the organic cultivation of our Cornicabra olives. These have been accredited with the CAAE seal of Castilla-La Mancha, thus complying with the European Union’s current regulations on organic production. This has allowed us to reach new market niches and to commit ourselves to the production of an oil where the raw material – the olive – has not undergone any chemical treatment that could have altered its original flavour.